About Me

First of all, in this webpage you will find content in 3 different languages: Basque, English and Spanish, so sorry if you can not understand everything.

I am an amateur photographer based in Durango, Basque Country. I work like IT engineer and in my free time I try to travel and take pictures. I have other hobbies like basketball, mountain or going out with my friends.

I usually captured landscapes, night shoots and street pictures in my travels. In the future I will try to learn about portrait, sports/action shoots and how to use lights in a studio.

I bought my first camera on 2009 Christmas, a second hand Nikon D5000 with 18-55 kit lense. After some years I changed to Nikon D7000 and finally I bought my actual Nikon D610 full frame camera on 2014.

During this time I exposed my pictures in On Egin Berlin in the Basque week of Berlin in 2013, and you can find my pictures in the dinning room of Meñakoz Jatetxea in Sopelana since 2015.

I have sold and yield some pictures for different events and magazines, the most important was to use in the brochure of White light festival 2015 in New York Lincoln Center.

On 2017 summer I made like teacher/guide in a photography+mountain hiking with Wehike project.



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